Why Do Lovebugs Exist?

These pesky bugs don’t seem to have much value, but do they


Every May and September these sex-crazed critters become an annoyance bordering on intolerable according to Snopes.com. Lovebugs fly around while they are mating, never letting go.

I was certain I had it figured out as the Love Bugs relentlessly attacked my tote over and over with no outlook for relief. They must be some sort of “terrorists.” I had to face the fact that my tote was potentially full of bugs and I was going to have to dig the those gross things out. Ewe!

These darn bugs kept diving into my tote while I was sitting at the USTA watching my granddaughter play tennis. They were everywhere. Purely a menace. I rolled the tote closed and I sat on the opening so no more offending bugs could get in, but before I knew it they were trying to get into my shoes or diving down my shirt. Totally disgusting!

I hoped my tote protective action made them mad. Okay, they probably do not have enough brain power to get mad, but it was satisfying to think for just a second that I was depriving them of something they wanted. A place to hide in my lovely dark tote. For the past two months, these obnoxious bug have been driving me and a lot of other people nuts.

When my granddaughter and I were in a Uber today on the way back from the USTA National Campus, the Uber driver told us that he was washing his car at least three to four times per week during “the season.” He said, “Lovebugs stick to the grill of the car so much that it is almost impossible to get them off.” He said it is such a chore to keep his car nice for his customers which he obviously took great pride in doing.

Car covered in lovebugs

I did find out the role of the Lovebug is to burrow under fresh cut grass and feed the grass as the bug decomposes. They apparently have an important role in the food chain. It would just would be nice if they would stay way out of my path and find the grass they need to perform their role.

In doing research about how to prevent Lovebugs from getting in the way, I found what I believe is the best solution:

“Mix warm water with a citrus-scented detergent, like an orange or lemon dish soap. Add a splash of mouthwash to the mixture, and then shake it well. Put in spray bottle, and start spraying your plants and the walls of your house with it. You can also spray it on your car or personal items. Bugs will leave these areas alone.”

Good News Pest Solutions

Personally, I am going to try the solution on my wheelchair and tote. We shall see how it works. Unfortunately, they will be back in September. Believe me, I will be armed with a citrus-detergent smelling tote.

I hope you enjoyed the read. What did you think?