“Burgers and Beers” at Dwell Nona Place a Hit

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Lake Nona’s luxury apartment community shows how it’s done

The Awesome Dwell Team

May 26, 2019 – Memorial Day kicked off with a great barbecue at Dwell Nona Place Apartments on Saturday at noon which was well attended.  The management staff once again hit a home run, throwing another family friendly event to be remembered.

The management staff sure can cook up a good party!

Everyone loved the spread of food that was available, including hamburgers, hot dogs and my favorites veggie burgers cooked by the management.  Of course, every condiment you can imagine was available to build out your burger.  There was also a great potato salad side.

Enjoying the food and fun!

I watched one young man carefully build out his burger.  I thought, “he looks like he could use a few pounds and the burger he is building will certainly help.”  He began as anyone would with a bun and meat, but then he piled mashed potatoes topped with Ketchup and Mustard, onions, pickles, and lettuce.  He closed his masterpiece with another bun.  I thought, “There is no way he is going to get his mouth around that sandwich.”  Stranger things have happened. 

Checking out the great selections!

Just as I sadly realized the young man making the culinary delight was not interested in letting me take a photo, my friend Angie arrive.  Angie is a pilot for Frontier Airlines.  I love to listen to her stories of all the places she goes on her days off filling jump seats.  She recently went to Paris and South America.

This woman can fly! Frontier pilot that is.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you about dessert.  They had M&M chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, and delicious Italian ice! When Sunny, our community events director, opened the ice chest to pass out the Italian Ice, I watched kids and adults alike swarm forward and then come back for more. 

I had a mint chocolate chip myself, and it was pretty darn good. My taste buds watered for another, but I managed self-control. I did sneak a cookie earlier, so I was definitely beyond my sugar limit for the day. Trying to break the cookie and chip thing. Pretty hard thing to do.

Chips and sweets galore!

This Burgers & Beers” event had great beer for adults to choose from. For those of us who are not beer drinkers, there was Sams Club special “Margarita Wine.”  I am not sure what is in the wine concoction, but it is pretty darn good. Of course, they had was water, soda pop, and juice boxes for the kids.

Swimming, Food, Family! How can you go wrong!

I love the comradery at Dwell sponsored events like the one we had yesterday. They encourage people in the community to get together, meet & greet, and have fun. It is just another way to make Dwell feel like home.

Love the Dwell get togethers. Get to talk with people we haven’t seen in awhile!
Dwell pool side
When you see this family, welcome them as they are here all the way from Spain.

I can’t wait until the Dwell next party! Maybe around Halloween. Should be fun!