Recurring memory from my childhood

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Kimberly in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
Kimberly Jones in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia
standing in yard across from Arabian Sea

My mother taught me it is better to be humble and kind, rather than keep anger swelling inside.  I have been having this same recurring memory from my childhood. When I was young, about fifth grade, one of the girls in my class turned on me “with a vengeance.”  The sad thing is this girl and I could have been friends, and my mother told me she was friends with the girls mother. 

The incident: a recurring memory

I do not remember the details regarding why the incident started.  Was there something unknown to me she did not like about me or about something I said to her or to anyone else that day?  All I remember is she attacked. My hair was pulled, and I was kicked.  I was in shock!

The only choice I had was to go over to the girl’s house and apologize.  Mom said it wouldelp the girl feel better.  I thought, “It will not hurt me at all.”  Plus mom said, “it will help me forgive her for fighting with me.”  Wow, what a concept!

The apology

I did go to the girl’s house. The girl was sitting on a chair as her mother held a towel with ice on her head. It was noticeable she was bleeding! Her mom instructed me to, “Hold the ice pack.” YIKES! In the interim, she went to get a clean pack to replace the bloody one. I prayed to myself that the Lord would intervene. I asked the girl if she was okay.

The girl said something like “NOT REALLY!” She started to raise her voice at me, but her mother came rushing back. “None of that,” is what I think she said. “But the rock”, is what the girl said. Her mother said, “What is done, is done.” I told the girl, “Sorry you got hit by a rock. I thought about the last thing my mom told me, “Nothing about today was right.”

My mom explained to me being humble and caring is when God answers my prayers. I wore my gold cross on my neck always and I crossed my fingers just in case. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust God, however, I think it was just that I was too young to know that I didn’t need a backup plan.

There is a reason this one moment from my childhood is a recurring memory.