Gun Control: An Issue for all citizens to resolve

It is obvious government cannot resolve the issue of gun control; therefore, the people must take responsibility to solve the problem. The Washington Post reported 169 mass shooters between Aug. 1, 1966 and August 5th inclusive of the Dayton and El Paso mass shootings.

“Some of these mass shooters were known to have violent tendencies or criminal pasts. Others seemed largely fine until they attacked. All but three were male. The vast majority were between the ages of 20 and 49. More than half — 95 of them — died at or near the scene of the shooting, often by killing themselves.  1,196 killed. The people who were killed came from nearly every imaginable race, religion and socioeconomic background. Their ages range from the unborn to the elderly; 190 were children and teenagers.  In addition, thousands of survivors were left with devastating injuries, shattered families and psychological scars.”

The Washington Post, 4 August 2019

Gun Violence Archive records mass shootings in “almost real time” and they currently have 26 violent incidences on their register for 2019.  An unconscionable number of assaults on human life in America; the country where people can pursue freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

How can Americans pursue happiness when there is a “climate of fear and hatred,” according to the President of the United States?  President Trump has stumped around the country with a comedy act that has promoting people to triggered against specific racial groups and specific people.

The rhetoric he spoke after the domestic terrorism that took place recently in El Paso and Dayton was diametrically different from what he has previously spewed. In El Paso, Hispanics were gunned down in what is being called Domestic Terrorism. After further research, the police are saying the shooter was radicalized by the “Dark Web.”

In Dayton, as a reaction to the empathy of the Hispanic community, a White Supremacist filed a manifesto then killed and wounded as many as he could including his own sister. However, the killing in Dayton did not appear to be spur-of-the-moment. The manifesto was not written on a napkin, and did not take a few minutes to jot down while throwing back some something to drink in a coffee shop. This killing was planned and people were executed.

What the President read on national television was certainly written by someone with at least an opposing view as Trump read with some hesitation and even fumbled a few times. One specific fumble made him look like he was not on message when he referred to Toledo as the site of the mass shooting in Ohio, when he should have been talking about the shooting in Dayton.  Regardless, President Trump is suddenly calling for:

“In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.” He went on to say, “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America.  Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heard and devours the soul.”

Michigan Live, 5 August 2019

Trump needs to stop blaming mass shootings on immigration, mental health, and hatred.  My friend Gary Barnes who is a practicing Clinical Psychologist said yesterday in a Facebook post,

“I’m tired of hearing Trump blame mental illness for gun violence when the research does not support this (except for suicide) as a way of avoiding gun legislation. And I’m angry that despite his attempt to shift blame his policies leave millions without health care, underfund mental health services badly, and drive up costs for most insured care.  He truly doesn’t care about the carnage beyond his political goals.”

We need active action to take guns off our streets.  As politicians have stonewalled appropriate actions at the local or federal levels, the only action left is for people to do the right thing.  The question is will they? 

Gun safety starts at home as the majority of kids are hurt or killed at home.
Gun safety starts at home as the majority of kids are hurt or killed at home.

What can citizens do to make a difference?  Considering the statistics of the mass shootings, who the shooters were, and how they acquired their guns there are ways for gun owners to make changes to prevent mass shootings.  I suggest gun owners can make changes that will make a difference.

  1. Do not “open carry” a weapon. Weapons must be legally concealed or don’t carry a gun at all.
  2. All concealed weapons must be approved and licensed by the FBI
  3. Store all weapons in a locked weapons case (with combination) out of sight.
  4. Travel with hunting weapons in a locked weapons case (with combination) always kept inside a locked vehicle when not in use.
  5. Travel with weapons in a weapons case (with combination) when traveling to a shooting range or better store weapons weapon at the shooting range for retrieval when shooting at the range unless they are a personal licensed concealed weapon.

As a Veteran, I expect there are some people including my fellow Veterans that believe owning weapons are their constitutional right. What I am proposing is not imposing on anyone’s right to own a weapon. In fact, most people are safe gun owners.  According to Parents, “More than 1.5 million children live in households where firearms are kept unlocked and loaded, and over 100 innocent children are killed each year.” 

While most parents keep their weapons appropriately stored, Beth Ebel, M.D., a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) Council on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention said, “Yet nearly 40 percent of gun-owning households with children [age 14 and under] have an unlocked gun to which a child might gain access.”  As a result, 140 minors are killed, and 3000 minors are injured are injured in homes each year; these children are all under the age of 14 years old.  An unacceptable number!

The minors quoted as killed by the AAP do not include mass shootings on school campuses which is a whole other blog conversation. My proposal suggests people change their gun ownership habits to save the lives of children and other people in the near vicinity. Changing gun ownership habits will prevent people including children from getting guns that are not safely stored.  Nothing to do with authorized gun users. True, this does not solve Gun Control; however, it does improve Gun Safety. It is just one step!

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  1. Tim

    Good article. One item that could be noted, is that veterans with weapons training are a large minority of persons involved with mass shootings. Most of the vets who are involved, generally have mental health problems that aren’t addressed adequately by the VA (one of the largest sectors of them, usually suffer from PTSD). Not only the VA, but “civilian” Medical Providers, should be required to have additional continuing medical education that includes information about triggers of this type of behavior and identification of patients that exhibit possible symptoms that could reveal, if there is any level of risk that such a patient may act out & that such a patient should be monitored more closely & that all healthcare providers (I am including MD’s, RN’s, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Sociologists, Social Workers, EMT’s, police officers, firefighters, even teachers). Thus, yearly these professionals would be responsible to have the most up-to-date information that is available for them to be able identify persons at risk of harming others and/others themselves. Cost to the government would be minimal, since the responsibility of keeping track of these incidents is something that is already in place and that additional persons be made available to ensure that the information is made available in a timely matter. Especially, after incidents that are current (I would suggest that the government actually publish reports bi-annually). Also, why does the majority of the majority of the “press”, continually refuse or vaguely report on mass shootings that occur on a regular basis in cities, such as Chicago & Baltimore had more mass shooting victims than El Paso and Dayton over the same weekend. I just can’t grasp how former President Obama never did anything successful to significantly lower the violence & shootings in Chicago, his home, prior to being and while President?? Did he not care of the multiple deaths of Black Americans killing Black Americans every week in Chicago, LA, Baltimore, Detroit, and all the other cities & states? Additional gun control would not change much if anything. The only people with guns would be the police and the bad guys. First explain how all the gang members and others get them now?? Most arrested in Chicago are already have felony convictions or on probation, either way, they are not going to a gun store and buying them!! So, if you were to take away guns from the eligible people who have the right to own them, the criminals will still have them!!! Also, look at Great Britain, it is almost impossible to get a gun legally, so what happens in just the first half of this year, London alone had
    over💯 standings that led to numerous deaths and severe injuries and it is more difficult to arrest persons committing these crimes, because they are silent!! I am betting that London will have at least 250 stabbings this year (a conservative number. If someone wants to harm you, there are too many ways for it happen, just ask the latest person stabbed (if they survived) or their relatives if they were any less distraught than if the victim was shot instead!! Face the realities!!!

    1. Kimberly_Jones

      I completely agree with your point about Veterans, as I am a Veteran myself. I am a strong advocate of veteran rights, particularly the rights of Veterans who have PTSD. You made very good points in your response, some of which I have been researching. I will make sure I keep everything you have pointed out on my research list.

      Additionally, it isn’t my intent in this article to suggest guns should be removed from law abiding citizens. Only ask them to take more care with gun safety.

      Thank you for the time you took to respond🚲.
      Kimberly Jones

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