Where is Trump going again

You can not buy good decision making. Nor, can you buy high intelligence. Both claims by Trump that he is a high performer.

It is okay to not be able to hold 18 balls in the air at any one time. Nor, remember all the statistics of every country being monitored. However, I do expect ethics, being able to follow basic decency, and the rules of governance.

With that said, if I made a decision to go someplace to shake hands and kiss babies, I would surely know where I am going. Stating the wrong state (again) on TV might cause offense.

Think about it from both sides. There could be some dedicated Mississippians that are so dedicated to the state and their ancestors they just are not going to take Trump’s disrespect. Okay, I just made that up, but it is possible. It is the South after all.

This is probably not the worst thing that has happened concerning White House behavior (for instance, new talk about Hungarian phone conversation), but some people are taking it personal.

Trump is inward facing, egocentric and narcissistic. He operates like a dictator, using the power of the Executive Order to attempt to push his agenda. The cost of keeping him leashed through the Court of Appeals is expensive.

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