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Coronavirus as “COVID-19”

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How to synthesize what is being thrown at you

When was the last time you heard of Coronavirus as “COVID-19?” It does sound a little clinical. Therefore, the media probably decided in most instances that Coronavirus was an easier vernacular. Unless you are a news junky or an analyst, anyone might be confused.

Price gouging

The news today was clearly frightening for me, but not because a few more people were infected in the U.S. I was horrified to hear that people were price gouging on Amazon. For instance, Purell was running over $80 and Facemask weren’t even available. This afternoon, Amazon made a statement saying that price gouging during this crisis will not be tolerated on their platform. Hopefully, prices will immediately go down or the sellers will be banned.

How to avoid scam sellers on Amazon

  • How to Avoid Scams While Shopping on Amazon Ships from and sold by [seller]: This is a third-party seller that ships an item from them directly to you (like eBay). Amazon doesn’t ever touch the item, they just get a cut. This is where scammers thrive. Sold by [seller] and Fulfilled by Amazon: Fulfilled by Amazon doesn’t mean the product is being sold by Amazon.

Hand washing

There is nothing better than good old handwashing, but just a little bit better. All your previous processes need to be put in the “black box” as my granddaughter calls it. There is a whole new handwashing procedure you must implement for yourself and your children. The best way to keep from passing germs is handwashing such as for a non-sterile hand scrub performed in the video presented by the Tulane University of Medicine.

Anti-bacterial Soaps

As we talked about price gouging, I did some analysis and found the best deal for anti-bacterial soap available locally at a reasonable price. Grab what you can before they run out. It an be used for dishwashing and handwashing:

  • Dawn Ultra Apple Blossom Antibacterial Hand Soap, Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap 40 oz CVS on sale $0.88 In Stock at 9306 Narcoossee Road, Orlando, FL 32827

Face Masks

Pet Care

Do not let your pet drink water from outside or from another pet’s dish. There has been evidence of “dog to human transmission” reported by CBS out of Hong Kong. I put boots on my Service Dog when I take him out to ensure he doesn’t get anything on his paws then come inside and lick it off. In Florida the recycled water for landscaping could carry contaminants that I don’t want on my dog.

I hope these tidbits help. If you have any additional, let me know. Also, don’t forget if you have a cool photo like the one that Kelli Sayed submitted, I will be happy to put it on my blog. Her photo was stunning!

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