What if Congress was transparent

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US Congress
US Congress in Session

Appeals Court say Congress can see Mueller’s Secret Jury Evidence.

The decision is a victory for Congress’s power to obtain information for an impeachment inquiry. The Trump administration is likely to appeal.

The Mueller Report redacted creating “secret Mueller Jury Evidence.

Is it possible the review of the Mueller Secret Jury evidence by Congress will make a difference, or will it lead to more pain for #America. We live in a world where #corruption is difficult to discern from #transparency. We are in a period in the #U.S. where politicians have no problem lying to #Americans. My seventeen year old gifted and quirky granddaughter said “Lying is as easy as soft butter being spread on toast for politicians.” That about says it all. What if Congress was transparent?

As a collective we have not used our voting power

The Mueller Report redacted
The Voting Collective

Politicians in the #Executive and #Legislative Branches are both guilty. Plus, the American public is guilty as well. Why you might ask? We as a collective have not had used our voting power to make change. Congress has many members who have served over 30-40 years. While there is no limit, Politicians over time have argued against implementing limits. Their consistent reason has been there is a vote.

How do we allow our government to get out of control

In a conversation today, someone said, “How do we allow our government to get out of control?” As we spoke, she concluded, although we have a President (head of the Executive Branch) and a Congress (with hundreds of members made up of both parties), Washington is a mess. People are not in touch with what is going “through all the noise.”

The person I was talking to, in addition, remarked, “In fact, this whole mess is scary. The House impeached President Trump and in Congress [Senate and House] appear to hate each other. They go so far to intentionally block each other’s work [Bills], rather than work with each other.”

Transparency International and the Corruption Perception Index

Imagine a world where both parties of Congress are empowered to be transparent. The “Corruption Perception Index” (CPI) published by Transparency International rates corruption in 180 countries using an index of 1-100. Transparency International’s findings show higher rates of big money in politics lead to stagnating CPI scores. CPI measures corruption in the Public Sector.

In 2019, New Zealand and Denmark were rated #100 CPI, the best score on the Corruption Perception Index. On the other hand, Somalia is #9 CPI, followed closely by Syria rated at #13 CPI (which should not surprise anyone). Lower CPI scores are influenced by power amongst the rich and when the poor have no voice. Using this scenario, it might look like the U.S. should be free from #corruption which is far from the truth.

Unless everyone has been on drugs to numb their minds from all the chaos, any good corruption hunter will find plenty of good old American deep pockets leading to corruption. According to Transparency International, large countries such as the U.S. with #CPI scores nearing the top might be involved in one or more streams of bribery or other corrupt dealings. In 2019, The United Stated scored a CPI 69 (lowest score in 8 years), after Canada CPI 77 and Uruguay CPI 71.

Trump’s “Close Circle” and other sniveling politicians

Interestingly, the U.S. Autocrats who are dirty business people are also in the #Trump “Close Circle.” Additionally, Trump surrounds himself with other sniveling politicians who are holding on to Trump’s coattails, who sadly do not care that Russia’s 2019 CPI is #28. Now, imagine if we have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. America voters must wake up and clean up.

The U.S. has the lowest CPI Score in the past eight years which says a lot about what is going on in our government right now. Below is Transparency International’s image showing their study results for the Americas ( only top and lower countries assessed). Full report available at Transparency.org.

The only solution is for Americans to vote their conscience.