Democrat billionaires spend big to get out a message

Coronavirus predicted as early as 2015

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Bill Gates who is considered an IT Genius, as the founder of Microsoft, recently stepped down from Microsoft’s Board. He stated his goal is to concentrate more effort on his philanthropic and research efforts. Many people might wonder why they should believe Bill Gates talking about the virus any more than Donald Trump, but there is a significant difference. The coronavirus predicted as early as 2015, was brought to the attention of the White House by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates (inventor, investor, and philanthropist)

The answer, in my opinion, is Bill Gates has an uncanny vision. He has his hands around the world and can feel the pulse of what is going on. He is aware of the world’s strengths and struggles. When I read “Coronavirus predicted as early as 2015,” I wonder why the United States did not take an “all hands on deck” approach in specific government departments such as Intelligence, National Health and Communicable Diseases, and the NSC’s global health security unit. All of these departments were closed instead of open and ready to plan and work to heal America.

What happened instead

Once Trump took office, he began to dismantle the government. According to Foreign Policy (January 21, 2020), in 2018, “Trump fired his entire pandemic response chain of command including White House oversight.” Not exactly a brilliant move for the country in afterthought. However, if you are a cutthroat businessman wanting to cut the fat, pandemic managers appear to be not needed. However, Mr. Trump’s irresponsible act has left the government incapable.

The fact is public health advocates have been warning Trump’s “team” of an emerging pandemic since 2017. Bill Gates says he personally met repetitively with both H.R. McMaster and with Bolton’s warning. Now President Trump is “in a pickle” as my mother always use to say and has no way out.

Trump prediction

The next thing I expect to hear from Trump’s mouth is that the hospitals are overwhelmed, and people are dying much faster than expected. However, I am sure he believes it is not his fault because people just do not listen to him, and there is too much fake news. Trump in a news briefing yesterday (03/21/2020) that people are not calling him up for the answers they need. My thought at the time was, “What a ridiculous statement.”

The basics to getting trough the Coronavirus

  • Physical distancing
  • Wash hands often
  • Maintain social connections via the internet, cell phone or even over the fence
  • Play games on the computer with a friend
  • Allow siblings to play in the back yard, but not in groups
  • If you have to shop, remain physically distanced from others
  • For pharmacy, try to have your medications transferred to CVS unless you are a Veteran. CVS will fill prescriptions and mail them to your home
  • When you go to the grocery store, ask neighbors if there is anything you can get for them.
  • Wash physical surfaces
  • When at the gas pump, please wear glove or wipe the pump completely.

Treating patients with Malaria medication (Hydroxychloroquine) is being considered.

If hydroxychloroquine is approved to be released as an approved medication for COVID-19, the following pharmaceutical companies have agreed to donate the drug:

  • Novartis will donate enough doses of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat 130 million patients in the fight against the Coronavirus if it wins approval, the Swiss company said on Friday.
  • Bayer AG has donated three million tablets of the malaria drug Resochin, which is similar to hydroxychloroquine, to the U.S. government for potential use against coronavirus.
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd said it would donate more than six million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets.

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