Our global community and COVID-19

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Many Governors in the United States feel they cannot trust the guidance provided by the President. They are looking internally and to State leadership, the U.S. Congress, or to the CDC to determine the best approach. These governors are establishing stay-at-home directives, overnight curfew, and request that people keep a distance from others. Our global community and COVID-19 are converging.

Social Distancing – What breaks the chain?

I have received questions about the term “social distancing” and what it means. The term “social distancing” is confusing because most of the information we all receive about the virus is over some kind of media. Who created the team “social media?” As I have been telling people who I know, I am not sure who created the word term “social distancing.” What I do know “social distancing” has been quickly adopted.

“Social distancing” was adopted by the White House and other government entities. “We are a social world, and social media is how the means we use to communicate. If we do not have access to connect socially, no one will know what is going on in the world other than through word-of-mouth. This is dangerous.

Over time, word-of-mouth changes the word as it spreads. Also, if people are not able to socialize during a quarantine, there is a high likelihood that people will become depressed or at risk of suicide Many people currently wear t-shirts that say “I have been social distancing for years.” I saw another t-shirt that said, “I miss you terribly when can we stop sleeping in separate rooms.”

Federal Resolution

As the President talks about wonderful things the “government is going to do for Americans in hard times” people sit at home wondering what to believe. Is Trump telling the truth? Some Republican lawmakers have a big problem with the Senate’s emergency coronavirus legislation. The legislation as defined improves unemployment benefits for millions of people being laid off during the pandemic. Several Republican lawmakers have expressed their concern they believe Americans won’t want to go back to work once they receive stimulus money.

Primary safety tips

  • Wash hands often
  • When you pump gas, remember to disinfect the pump handle or wear gloves
  • Do not go out in public unless it is necessary
  • Do not horde toilet paper, use this calculator to determine your family need
  • If you need Dr. appointments, call your physcician to determian in their offic is doing tele-doc appointments.

Will the world ever be the same after COVID-19? Our global community and COVID-19 are converging.