COVID-19 Fear: chapter 2

Arms around the elephant or
Elephants around the globe?

Who We Can Trust is Difficult

During COVID-19, deciding who we can trust is difficult. When looking for information, I believe one source is not adequate. Additionally, in the opinion of learned researchers multiple resources must be reviewed. Personally, I start with the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the World Bank.

It may seem strange to look to the World Bank, however, they recently pledged $12 Billion to fight COVID-19. In this instance, the World Bank’s pledge is specifically directed at preventing economists’ estimates that “global growth will be cut in half due to this virus.” $200 Million of the World Bank’s aid went to the U.S. Department of Health.

State and Local Governments

Are the local governments knowledgeable about COVID-19? Hard question to answer, because so many local governments are responding differently. I believe many state governments are trying to work together now as a coalition to get the information, supplies, and medication that they need.

Others appear to be taking the wait and see attitude which is probably going to hurt the people living in their locale the most. We are seeing political figures and evangelical “pastors” challenging the local governments decisions to lockdown states or gathering areas such as churches, beaches, and more. Understandably, people’s businesses are hurting.

The COVID-19 Elephant

Does the White House have their arms around the COVID-19 “elephant? On Wednesday, the White House started talking about getting the U.S. “up and running” again. The problem I see with jumping off the cliff before we know what is at the bottom is “we just do not know what is at the bottom and how long it will take to get to the bottom.”

I worry! This virus is a global disease. More than 4.4 billion people, or nearly 57% of the world’s population, have been asked or ordered to follow confinement measures in nearly 110 countries or territories, according to an AFP database. However, the United States appears to be opting out of playing nice with others. On the other hand, our corporate leaders in the medical field see a benefit in collaborating with other global companies to find a solution. Where is the head of our government?

Reports indicate the U.S. Government has cut-off shipments of supplies in Thailand meant to go to elsewhere and “absconded” them for our use. Not playing nice in the global sandbox during a global pandemic could be to our detriment.

Can We Trust Dr. Fauci

Kauri asked me, “Is Dr. Fauci someone who we should trust?”

I told her, “Dr. Anthony Fauci is an expert on infectious disease, and he received the Medal of Honor for his work on HIV/AIDS. More importantly, Fauci is also the voice of reason behind President Trump. When watching COVID-19 Press Conferences, Dr Fauci is always there.”

My feeling is there are “kinder and humbler individuals” and Dr. Fauci is one of them. He probably did not want to get into a row on American television with his boss. Although, I believe he has a lot of influence on ‘COVID-19 Lockdown.

Can We Trust Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Regarding the potential need for a “cocktail of drugs that will work,” I listened to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s programming from his basement. He talked about how an area of his basement was converted into an emergency studio during the last terrible Nor’easter Hurricane and it was really coming in handy now.

Dr. Gupta said, “We can be 18 months – 2 years away from getting a vaccine.” Plus, he confirmed once a person has COVID-19, their bodies can become compromised in multiple ways which often requires multiple drugs to support their recovery.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a Neurosurgeon turned Medical Reporter for CNN. While some people do not like CNN, I believe Dr. Gupta provides both interesting and accurate information. His reporting during periods of crisis are especially useful and his approach is straight forward.

Recommending Off-Label Medicine

There has been talk about taking medication that is not approved by the FDA for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The president nonchalantly says doctors can prescribed off-label, specifically talking about Hydroxychloroquine which is an anti-malarial drug. Just because a drug is available, does not mean it is the right drug for an individual to take.

Whenever I am prescribed a drug off-label, I spend a lot of time in discussions with my Specialists and Pharmacists to determine if the best decision has been made, and if there is a better decision.  One question I always ask, and did again recently is, “Are these medications necessary? Can any be deleted? Or can any be combined through a newer drug?”

What I like about the VA Medical Centers is PCPs and Specialists are both located in one facility. Even better, I am assigned to a Woman’s Clinic where the PCP and Pharmacist are specifically assigned to me through my clinic. It makes getting my concerns addressed easier and quicker.”

Medication Drama

It gives me the creeps thinking Americans might  take a drug just because the government says the drug is okay. I believe Trump is trying to preach from his White House pulpit to people, “Hydroxychloroquine is worth a try. It won’t hurt you.” Maybe he hopes it will work and by November he will look like the hero. It is possible. But I wonder if he is aware of all the possible side effects. He is playing with people’s lives.”

Hoarding Hoarding Hoarding

Since Trump announced hydroxychloroquine is a “wonderful drug” to help Coronavirus patients, hoarding is going on around America. So much for a “Kinder and humbler community” that I believe we should strive for — instead, we have hospitals, cities, states, and governments hoarding medicine. Plus, concierge doctors are also writing prescriptions for their clients as a preventative measure.

A medicine needed by others for long-term diagnoses such as Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis should not be hoarded, causing a shortage! I never imagined it could happen in America. However, the hoarding does not stop with medication, not with COVID-19. Whoever can get direct access are hording critically needed medical supplies such as masks, gloves, and surgical gowns. Ventilators are being hoarded as well.”

Kauri stated, “American’s should be better, at least I think we should. Maybe that is why I prefer my closet instead of partaking in society.”

Who Can Kids Trust

Who do you believe we should trust,” Kauri ask? “I just want this to end.”

“What did Dr. Ruiz say during your Telehealth appointment on Monday, I said? “Didn’t he give you some clever ideas about how you can manage your anxiety during these crazy times?”

Dr. Ruiz said, “Don’t watch television more than one hour and get at least one hour of exercise each day. Also, he said he wants me to indulge in my hobbies” — which are art and crocheting. Hopefully, that will keep me calm enough to finish my classes. I am so close!

“Exactly right! It is the wrong time to be glued to the TV, even if you are watching your favorite shows. Most of the time, there is a streaming update about the Coronavirus, including the most current data on #infected, #hospitalized, #convalescing at home, and #deaths. Continually seeing this information is frightening. And most of all, he said you can trust me,” I said.

Everything is Going to be Beautiful

I sat up and looked out — it was still dark. The sound was familiar. My heart began beating fast as I heard ambulances screaming down Narcoossee Road just pass my apartment building. I often hear an ambulance or two, but not usually together. I just put them out of my mind, but not this time.

“What happens when we get to the breaking point,” I wondered? What happens when there are not enough ambulances to take people to hospitals? Mr. Trump says, “Don’t Worry, Be happy” Everything is going to be beautiful. I hope he is right.

Have a Plan

I don’t want to hear about any of my family or friends not being able to make it to the hospital in time if they are ill with COVID-19. I suppose if I did end up succumbing to the disease and there wasn’t an ambulance available, Kauri and Troy (my Service Dog) could figure out a snazzy way to pull me there. Maybe on a large piece of cardboard we have out on our lanai — could be why it hasn’t made it to the crusher. The VA Emergency is only 8 minutes away by car.

Kauri said, “We are still humans, someone would take pity upon us along the way. They could toss you up on top of their car and tie you down. Troy and I could probably go inside — at least the cute puppy could. Sorry grandma!”

At least Kauri has a plan!

Oh and someday soon (or later) everything will be beautiful again. In the meantime, please be safe.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3

3 comments on “COVID-19 Fear: chapter 2”

  1. Thank you for your service!

    I agree it’s hard to know who to trust. And I agree multiple sources a important, but I’m relying on white papers instead of media. They are ALL presenting the news based on their slant and opinion to how they want the narrative to be.

    Depending on the government is always a hurry up and wait situation, though I’m impressed that the US got things in motion as quickly as they actually did, even with snafus.

    On his 40th day (today) in ICU, my brother finally got moved to a regular hospital bed but he is still on a breathing machine (trach). The doctor refused to give him the malaria meds because of the “possible” side effects, but the DEFINITE side effects of being on a vent for weeks are life changing.

    Talking in detail with the doctor who has been caring for hundreds of COVID patients, I’ve learned the detailed ins and outs of how the path goes for serious cases. Seeing what has/hasn’t worked in my brother’s extreme case, I’ve developed my own COVID plan in case our household gets infected. -And right now I’m a little too afraid of the VA to get anything more than a telehealth appointment.

    Having the type of knowledge of COVID and knowing exactly how a very critical situation happens, really has helped me to feel more confident and less afraid. The main thing is our medical workers are getting smarter and smarter about COVID each day and I think we’re in the brink of kicking this virus to the curb.
    Stay well!

    1. Hi Sharon, I am so sorry to hear about your brother. My prayers are with him and your family. I understand what your feelings are about the VA. If you do feel ill call the VA hotline to determine if you should go or not. If the say come (meaning fever at 102) go by ambulance. Bypass the waiting room. In Orlando, I believe they know what they are looking for at the VA and know who to keep away.

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