COVID-19 Fear: chapter 3

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It's Raining, Now What
It is a confusing time around the world

What are people suppose to do?

In Orlando, FL this morning (04/18/2020), I sat up in bed and looked out the window. What I saw was refreshing, but also brought irrational thoughts to my head.

I starred at a rain storm. Hard rain hit the window. I heard loud thunderclaps, and bright lightening lit up the still almost dark sky. Normally, I quiver at thunder and lightening, but not this time. My first thought — “will the rain wash COVID away.” An irrational thought; however, in the first waking moments I found the thought an odd comfort.

When Kauri got up I looked at her with a silly smile and said, “Kauri do you see the lovely weather out side?” She frowned. “I woke up and thought maybe the rain will wash COVID away,”

Kauri tilted her head left and said, “You have gone completely ‘wonkers.'” According to the Urban Dictionary where Kauri validates most of her interesting words, I assume she thinks I am “crazy.”

I laughed, “Of course. It was just a comforting thought. I realize it isn’t true.” She looked at me with relief, like I just woke up from a nightmare or maybe she did. It never amazes me how Kauri says just what is on her mind — high functioning Autism.

Thursday was an alarming day in the United States

Who would have thought the very democracy of the United States could be violated under the cover of the vicious COVID-19 disease. President Trump threatened to adjourn Congress. Shock! No president before Trump has ever threatened to adjourn Congress. No prior president has been so out of control or self-absorbed.

Kings have adjourned parliament in historical Britain. Modern day dictators either ignore parliaments or intimidate members to follow the dictators demands. A good example is Putin. On March 10, 2020, Putin told the Lower Parliament in Russia that he supported a constitutional amendment that included presidential term limits. Did they realize the presidential term limits allowed Putin to seek reelection in 2024 by restarting the term count. Restarting the term count will allow him to stay in office until 2036. How convenient!

In the United States, protections have been established to prevent autocrats and dictators from rising. Our Constitution was written by “We the people” and is meant to protect the citizens. Does Mr. Trump understand that? Historically, I assume it has always been assumed that individuals running for President have read the Constitution forwards and backwards. It isn’t clear whether Trump has read the Constitution; he makes his own rules.

“It is like Trump is trying to get into the dictator club, but he just can’t make it,” Kauri said. “Maybe he doesn’t have the right connections after all.”

World Health Organization defunded

Trump also announced the U.S. is withdrawing funding from the WHO pending their actions during the pandemic. Trump and his supporters allege the WHO was slow to warn of the risk of human-to-human transmission, and that it failed to cross-examine Chinese transparency early on.

According to The Guardian, “the allegation is largely not borne out by evidence. WHO technical guidance issued in early January was warning of the risk of human-to-human transmission and the organization declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern a day before Trump announced his partial ban on flights from China.”

What is worse than defunding the WHO? Reallocating $200 Million to the Evangelical group Samaritans Purse. I believe this group has done good works in the past and will in the future. Unfortunately, I believe Trump’s intentions are nefarious. Giving to Samaritans Purse is a move to win the 63 million evangelical votes he talked about earlier in the election cycle. Shameful!

If Trump could not leave the money with the WHO where it belonged, he should have mass purchased tests and distributed them to states based on highest need. He should never play favorite based on Republican States.

Don’t play well with others

Trump’s irresponsible act demonstrates once again, the U.S. is taking a “we don’t play well with others” position. Donald Trump’s nationalist agenda is showing through even when most American’s believe we should participate globally.

It is my opinion that the United States should return the $200 Million in aid it received from the World Bank recently earmarked for COVID-19. If the U.S. is so arrogant to think we can stand alone, the World Bank can then redirect the funds to the World Health Organization to help make up the deficit due to Trump’s withdraw.

Kauri’s comment on what is happening is, “Life feels like a crappy action flick during 2020 doesn’t it? I wish we had a fast-forward button to 2021.”

COVID-19 antics on-stage

Many people are talking about being stir crazy at home. Surfing the web, Kauri has found people having roof-top parties in New York not worrying about how close they are to each other or if they are wearing masks. “Definitely not a form of physical distancing,” she remarks.

In Florida, she found people are congregating on beaches even though beaches are closed. They were might be out jogging on the beach and just happened to meet up. “They are no longer physical distancing if they are closely congregating; their social distancing has failed to engage,” Kauri smirks. These examples are only a few of her findings.

Kauri questions, “What is wrong with people?” She found the perfect quote that she feels people should follow. As she started to get emotional, she said, “Don’t people understand? If they die because they were not taking care of themselves, they will leave someone behind who cares?”

“Six feet apart today is better than six feet under tomorrow,”

Grace Brethren Church, Covington, Virginia.

Kauri is terrified something will happen to me. She always says she and I are “like two peas in a pod not to be separated.” The COVID-19 virus has been a horrible time for Kauri.

Healthcare providers are frightened

On CNN this morning (04/20/2020), I watch an interview with an ER physician commentating as they were following an ambulance who was bringing a COVID-19 patient into a Chicago Hospital. The patient was breathing when the ambulance arrived. How long did it take for the ambulance to arrive due to no fault of their own? The paramedics put on their protective gear at the scene. Clear an area for the ambulance. Traffic!

By the time the ambulance arrived at the hospital, ER staff heard COVID-19, got on their protective gear which took what seemed like seconds, then they put a COVID-19 plastic cover over the patient’s head for extra protection. The plastic cover was something they had made at a local plastics shop. Suddenly, they realized the patient needed to be intubated. During all this time, someone was monitoring and started CPR. They prepared to intubate, but by the time they were able to begin the patient was dead. Just like that! The doctor said, “He’s dead!”

The ER physician said they see approximately 80 Covid-19 patients per day at their hospital ER where he works, and he is frightened every day. He has a family at home and he does not want them to become ill. The respirator mask came from a prior job, and the orange filters on either side came from his fathers work. I could see the strain in his eyes.

Are we ready to open our country

I do not believe we are ready to open our country anywhere. This statement will not sit well for some; however, let me explain my thought. In the U.S., the testing process has hardly started and the number of people we are counting is still going up, both: confirmed to have the disease, and confirmed deaths.

The counts that are being published for COVID-19 are based on “what we know,” not what is true. If we were testing 100%, the U.S. could report more accurate numbers, and potentially project more accurately. Current discussions of “bell curves” (the top of the curve being the worst of the cases) and “flat line” (the worst is over and we can begin rolling out normality) is ridiculous.

COVID-19 number comparison over two days definitely going up

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 04/20/2020
Confirmed COVID 19 Cases 04/22/2020

In order to reopen the United States, Bloomberg says we are not doing enough appropriate testing. Business Insider states we need to do 20 million tests per day. Although there is a difference of opinion of how much testing, it seems both Democrats and Republicans agree testing is necessary. Some believe rapid tests are the answer and others want to hold out for “vast centralized testing.” Personally, I believe in whatever is most effective.

A woman in Florida tested positive28 days, tested because she was ill. She stayed in self-quarantine exactly as instructed by her physician living with her husband who has no signs of illness. Two days ago she returned to the ER collapsed. There was no prior symptoms in the 28 days other than the cough and runny nose which resolved. She was still positive. One example! Too many people may be ill and we just don’t know. How would we?

Terrorist in the streets

On Monday, 042/20/2020, there was a protest in the streets of Pennsylvania at the State Capital Building attended by the a “terrorist” group led by Chris Dorr who is an Ohio gun activist and is recently going around the country stirring up trouble. Most recently through his Facebook page “Pennsylvanians against excessive quarantine” in Pennsylvania and visit at the protest on Monday.

Chris Dorr’s domestic terrorist group stormed the protest with AK-47’s flailing in the air, regardless of whether one or more of the guns went off or if anyone was frightened This man and his crew should have been arrested, and yet they stood there flailing the guns. The odd part is the government had warning they were coming, but no one stopped them. Chris Dorr’s statement and actions is more about his manifesto than what is best for the people.

Can domestic terrorists scare Governors into opening states? I hope not.