COVID-19 FEAR: chapter 5

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To start or not to start

Is it a go, or will it be left behind?

One stakeholder on President Trump’s White House Pandemic Team is Dr. Anthony Fauci. He has been interviewed many times and has remained consistent. Dr. Fauci’s position has repeatedly been “reopening their economies ‘ [meaning each state] can’t just leap over things’ that would potentially the coronavirus to rebound.” One of Fauci primary concerns is whether states have the capacity to implement contact tracing. The CDC is putting a lot of hope onto contact tracing for COVID-19.

What the heck is contact tracing

I asked several people via social media if they know anything about Coronavirus Contact Tracing,. Out of the ten people I randomly talked to, not one person knew what I was talking about. Now I know that isn’t a good sampling but it is a fair guess at what people think. Both digital and paper news journals have talked about Contact Tracing.

No worries! After I explained the definition of “Contact Tracing” to each of them, only three out of ten responded they were totally against contact tracing. However, some wanted to talk about different levels of tracing. The reason three said they would support the contract tracing was because they thought it could help keep the virus under control.

Seven respondents stated they were so concerned they could not support the proposition at all because they felt “contact tracing would take away their freedom.” No where in my explanation did I talk about taking away or losing freedom; therefore, they made assumptions. For example, “Government watching people is not acceptable and reflects more like a Communist government than a Democracy.

Contract tracing statistics

In an article by Statistica, Experts suggested:

“60 percent of the population would need to participate in contact tracing in order to stop the spread of the virus. But in the same survey, only 50 percent of respondents said they would use a contact tracing app, with only 17 percent of those people saying they would definitely use it.”

Statistica, 04/20/2020

Both Apple and Google have developed contact tracing tools, each with strict privacy guidelines. These tools maintain individuals locations and health records. To ensure secure data transfer many safeguards have been built into the process including encryption.

The best of the best

I don’t believe rolling out a “new normal” will be easy. Donald Trump talks like it should be a “light switch.” Businesses that have been closed should be opened, especially those he calls “essential.” Will it be that easy? I don’t think so.

Kauri said in a discussion we had that Trump is encouraged opening without thinking. She said, “It doesn’t surprise me though because he seems to be loosing his metal capacity. I wonder what Baron thinks of his father about now? Can you imagine going to school and having to face kids?”

For local and state governments to consider the requirements of getting cities and states back to the “new normal,” there must be cooperation.

In an interview with a small barbershop owner in Florida yesterday where the Governor stopped in, the shop owner said, “I am prepared to serve customers according to the new regulations.”

His shop was completely reorganized on the inside. He had his barber stations set up 6 feet apart. There was a way for customers to make reservations on-line newly installed. He said if people were waiting in line for treatment at the barbershop, he will serve coffee in their car. This barber spent time thinking out a COVID plan.

Disrupted at home

Businesses have been put into disarray. Some companies are closed due to drained funds. Others have found their employees have gone elsewhere due to fear of job loss and found other other work. Many people enjoy working outside of the home. With the restraints of COVID-19, people who worked outside the home now have different work life options. Communities have an obligation to uplift the small family owned businesses as much as possible. These businesses are supporting a family after all.

I was talking with my son the other day. He is an essential personnel at a large employer. His wife is also an essential personnel at another employer, and they face a conundrum. How do they both work and take care of their children who are out of school? Fortunately, they were able to flex their work days so one or the other could be home with the kids. Other families may not be so fortunate.

With the COVID-19 virus, my son believes employers big and small may find different ways to restructure as they return to the “new normal.” Telecommuting, Robotics, IVR. Hopefully, he is right to some extent.

It will be interesting to see how people reposition. Not only our workforce but our schools as well. Can we expect our children will go back to school for the 2020-2021 school year. What happens if COVID-19 rears its ugly head again. Are communities going to have a better disaster plan the next time? I don’t mean to be a sceptic, but I do believe there will be a round two.

The current state of “to start or not start”

As President Trump began to heartily encourage cities to get back to work, people began coming out into the streets. In Volusia County, Florida there was a block party of 1500 people. Sherriff’s sat of the side lines hoping for the best until two guys decided to pull out their guns and show off to each other. In their drunken state one guy shot the other in the foot. That was when the Sherriff’s begin breaking up the party. It was out of hand. The party began to disperse, the gun slingers were arrested, and two Sherriff’s were “injured.” One was hit with water balloons and the other took a hit with a stick.

Several protests have occurred primarily in the mid-west where it has been said the tea-party [or ultra conservatives] have come out to have their say. Unfortunately, they have congregated in front of state houses or in city parks. They have defied public safety by showing up without masks which puts everyone at risks. While these individuals have been protesting being locked up which they say is against their right to freedom, Doctors and Nurses around the country have been protesting to keep people home and out of Emergency Departments.

Oh no the monkeys have it

According to Reuters (03/22/2020), in a mobster gathering, a troop of monkeys in India attacked a medical official and snatched the positive Coronavirus blood samples of patients. The attack occurred while the lab technician was walking across the campus of a state-run college in Meerut.

In a statement from a top official of the college, Dr. S. D. Garg said, “Monkeys grabbed and fled with the blood samples of four COVID–19 patits who are undergoing treatment. We had to take their blood again.”

A good thing is it appears the monkeys did not spill any of the blood. They must have been very carful storm troopers.

I have been wondering what those monkeys possibly could have wanted with that blood. The troop appeared to specifically attack this medical official. Did they want the blood? Were they angry at the Medical Official? Or, were they just trying to make a point ?

States are re-opening

At different start rates, each Sate is reopening, some faster than others. There is still an expectation that people wear masks and stay six feet apart. For some businesses, or even churches, the public health requirements are strict. However, it seems that many people have the idea they are somehow shielded from this virus.

There are those that Kauri calls “flat out stupid” for risking the lives of their families and others to prove a point. However, others want out. They are ready to shop. I hear many women and men say they want a hair cut. Women want their nails manicured. People miss the routines they get into and this virus has showed us all that we were creatures of habit. We had to create new habits; ones that kept us at home with our families.

Learning to shop Aldis

We have a new Aldi that just opened around the corner and Kauri has been so excited to walk over there. She had missed Earth Fare since they closed. The first day they opened, Kauri walked on over with her mask. Someone was checking at the door for the obligatory mask.

Kauri doesn’t like a crowd; consistent with Autism. Crowds make her nervous. She bought what she needed and hurried home. “Why aren’t those people at work, she asked?”

Before I could answer, she said, “VIRUS.” Kauri has returned to Aldi again for additional items and to see if she can find a better time for her to shop. She returned and said, “No time is a good time.”

I told here she is going to have to “suck it up and learn to shop with her neighbors.” She frowned.

The accident

Last night, 05/29/2020, there was a huge bang on Narcoossee Road just outside our apartment. Kauri came running into the apartment with Troy and said, “Did you hear that bang? I don’t know how many cars are in the crash but definitely a line up. Yup! Here comes the ambulances. That has to be two, no maybe three.” I put my hand on Kauri’s shoulder.

“Kauri, take a breath. It is okay. I am sure that the people will be well taken care of by the ambulance paramedics and the Emergency Departments at the hospital(s) they go to,” I said.

“You don’t understand,” she said, “What if one of those people have COVID-19 and infects a paramedic? Or what if one of the paramedics has contracted COVID-19 during one of their runs today and now infects one of these patients? What if one of these patients dies at the hospital because the COVID-19 procedures take too long?”

Whoa pony, I said! You are rapid firing things I have not had time to form an answer? Some of your scenarios are wonkers! Can we step back?

“No, I am done,” Kauri said. I figured out answers as I was ‘rapid firing.’ You should keep up.” Hehehehe!

Great I think I will go take a nap now a preserve some brain cells.