Celebrate life of John Lewis

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Celebrate life of Rep John Lewis
Celebrate life of John Lewis Photo Credit

Celebrate life of John Lewis. The Congressman’s funeral took place in Atlanta, GA at Ebenezer Baptist Church on July 7, 2020. I have spent much of today watching, and re-watching, the public celebration. Listening carefully to what people said, I believe I know more about America now than before. Many people spoke, and some sang to the heavens.

What songs moved me

The music was inspirational. I was particularly moved by a song presented by Bebe Winans and Pastor Marvin Winans “Good Trouble” which was extraordinary. If you have not heard the song, highly recommend listening. Celebrate life of John Lewis.

Jennifer Holliday lifted the entire church, all the people standing outside the church, and me as she sang “Only What You Do for Christ Will Last.” It touched my heart for many reasons. Earlier this week my granddaughter and I talked about what the meaning of the metaphor “Saint Peter and Pearly Gates.”  I believe “Only What You Do for Christ Will Last” defines my perspective the meaning of the metaphor. She also sang, “Take My Hand Precious Lord” which was beautiful. It reminded me of faith conversations I might have had as a child.

Amazing and uplifting speakers

Of the many speakers, all were notable. Former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were in Atlanta today paying tribute to John Lewis. It was amazing and uplifting. There were a few who spoke that reach deep and found a personal touch.

Nancy Pelosi ended her speech saying that on the last night John Lewis’ casket laid in the Capitol, a double rainbow appeared despite no rain. I could not help thinking at that moment the rainbow was God’s invitation.

President Obama concluded with a “call to action”

Barak Obama Eulogy

Barack Obama, a lifelong friend of the Congressman’s, gave an eloquent celebration of John Lewis’ life. He gave us a beautiful history lesson. Barak described John Lewis as a “kind and gentle man.” His energizing presentation concluded with a “call to action” asking Americans to go forward in “Good Trouble.” Celebrate life of John Lewis.

My call to action

My “call to action” when writing is to work harder to “be kinder and humbler” neighbors, and a “kinder and more humble” community, city, state, country and globe. To achieve this call to action, it will take “Good Trouble.” I believe we must work harder to take care of each other.

Many Americans are grasping for their individual piece of “something.” At the same time, too many Americans are left behind. No one in America should be homeless, hungry or die alone. We must notice those around us are hurting and ask how can we help.

Celebrate life of John Lewis

Jamila Thompson described John Lewis as her boss. She closed her words as she helped celebrate the Congressman’s life by saying,

“Be the best version of yourself. Be informed. Stay engaged. Even though the work is hard. If you are of age and eligible, for the love of God, please vote.”

Jamila Thompson, Deputy Chief of Staff to Rep. John Lewis (GA)

In conclusion

A giant of a man, John Lewis, he spent his entire life working to make the world around him a better place.  A giant of a man, yet at the eulogy he was described as short in stature. No fear throughout his life. John Lewis was a civil rights leader. We still need civil rights leaders, the United States has not learned yet that we are all created equal. May all Americans follow!

An amazing celebration of John Lewis.