About me

Kimberly Alexander Jones
Kimberly Alexander Jones

I am a mother, grandmother, world traveler, served in the US Army, and I am a Service Connected Disabled Veteran. My Service Dog is named Troy. Most recently, I started a blog — Coming Home by Kimberly.  I love health & wealth products that keep my family heathy so I joined CTFO.

My father left Boeing right before the expected layoffs and went to work for ARAMCO. Therefore, the Middle East was my playground and I learned the ropes of high school in Switzerland. (mandatory for all high school children).

Where have I lived

Work has taken me globally in the past. You might say I have a nomad living inside me. My writing intro about the Middle East in the past has always been, “You can always take the girl out of the desert, but never the desert out of the girl.”

Currently, I live in Orlando (Lake Nona), Florida, with my granddaughter, whom I have raised since she has been four years old. She is my best friend. The rest of the time I blog!

The passion of writing

My greatest passion is writing. “Coming Home by Kimberly,” is an eclectic series of my thoughts and stories. Blog gurus state bloggers should stick to one topic. I can’t seem to do it. Either my mind wanders or I am a divergent thinker.

Hope you enjoy,

Kimberly Alexander Jones