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Is God sending a message

My granddaughter, who is a divergent thinker, sat down next to me yesterday and ask, “Is God sending a message? I mean, he has sent many messages through time.” I was impressed by her questions, but a little scary. Kauri experiences high-functioning Autism and her mind is brilliant. However, she can not wrap her brain

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Let resentment go

When I was growing up, forgiveness seemed like another way of saying, “I am sorry.”  I didn’t begin to understand the meaning of forgiveness until I was in about fifth grade.  My mom, who was a Protestant, made me apologize for something that wasn’t my fault.  At that moment, I think I began to understand

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My First Call To Prayer

When I see people write or talk about their prayer experience as “a failure” because “God didn’t answer,” I wonder what they asked for.  Also, is it something personal or is it for the greater good.  It made me think a lot about my own prayer skills or lack of. Is God listening to me?

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Trump is not a king nor savior

“The corruption in Washington DC, perpetrated by “elected or appointed people,” bothers many but not enough Americans. More than enough people believe in the propaganda that “Trump is a King or Savior.” How did we end up with Trump sitting in the Oval Office, and how a bunch of Senators consistently protecting him even when

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