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A link to my childhood in Saudi Arabia

As usual last night, I was sitting in the lobby of Building One of our apartment building at Dwell Nona Place when a new person joined our gathering. Carlo quickly became a new friend. There was a lot in common experience in our history to chat about, particularly a link to my childhood in Saudi

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Recurring memory from my childhood

My mother taught me it is better to be humble and kind, rather than keep anger swelling inside.  I have been having this same recurring memory from my childhood. When I was young, about fifth grade, one of the girls in my class turned on me “with a vengeance.”  The sad thing is this girl

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My First Call To Prayer

When I see people write or talk about their prayer experience as “a failure” because “God didn’t answer,” I wonder what they asked for.  Also, is it something personal or is it for the greater good.  It made me think a lot about my own prayer skills or lack of. Is God listening to me?

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My Faith Journey Begins June 2, 2019 – Today is Sunday. I want to share a little bit about the faith journey I am walking, beginning with my childhood. Growing up, my family shared in an interdenominational faith. I grew up in Saudi Arabia where my father worked for Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO). The

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