Tri-West Providers

Who is a Tri-West Provider A Veteran who contacted me was concerned tha his provider was going to leave option with TriWest implementation. Now that the Mission Act has kicked in, some things have changed confusing veterans and ptoviders. Specically for those veterand who had CHOICE45, the need to know just how to find a

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When You Have To Rely On Public Transportation

Driving a car ended for me in 2013. When I had a stroke, I said good-bye to my car.  My appreciation for other people who lost their license due to illness or aging suddenly became acutely apparent.  I never realized how hard it was to be reliant on someone else to get from place to

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No Veteran should go hungry

We need to work harder to set the table for everyone Being hungry is a terrible feeling I have always held on tight to the words, “Home is where the heart is.” In the past several years, my view has changed. I have found too many Veterans wonder why they have no home to rest

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