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My Emergency Experience at the VA

Thank you Orlando VAMC at Lake Nona My emergency experience at the VA in Lake Nona on Friday, 9 August 2019 can be defined by the following memorable words: scary, innovative, fast, quality, stroke, clot-busting, no-stroke, headache, oxygen. It was an experience, but a good one. I was sitting on my couch on Friday watching

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Veteran Suicide

Paul Drogos 15 April 2019 Suicide feels like an oxymoron until it hits you in the face The Department of Veterans Affairs has made suicide its’ number one clinical priority with the goal to eliminate suicide among veterans.  At a conference on 10 July 2019, held by the Manchester VA Medical Center in New England,

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Tri-West Providers

Who is a Tri-West Provider A Veteran who contacted me was concerned tha his provider was going to leave option with TriWest implementation. Now that the Mission Act has kicked in, some things have changed confusing veterans and ptoviders. Specically for those veterand who had CHOICE45, the need to know just how to find a

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Rating Process for VA is no Fun

Rating Process No Fun I have been busy for the past three weeks putting together a “Personal Statement for the VA” to submit to the Veterans Administration, along with the paperwork the PVA is going to submit on my behalf.  Upon finishing, the Personal Statement, it became clear that I have a lot of well

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PTSD Month is June 2019

June 8, 2019 – June is PTSD month. 22 Veterans commit suicide each day; get to know your neighbors. Yesterday I was sitting at the Orlando Veterans Hospital at Lake Nona in the lobby at the back entrance next to the Emergency Room.  A woman, appearing to be in her mid to late 70s, sat

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